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Hi, my name is Brett, I have the most amazing wife (Lishea) and little girl (Laney James) who mean the absolute world to me and get every ounce of my love. I thank God for them every day, and for giving me the mindset to find happiness in everything that I do.


 I am the owner and single crafter at Brand St. Goods. It's hard to believe how quickly a hobby has turned into a passion. A few years ago I walked away from my career to start doing photography full time, this quickly developed into what is now a small branding and digital marketing agency. To say the least, I don't get to focus on photography as much as I am focused on helping bring other peoples passions to life. I've gone from being outdoors constantly and taking lifestyle product photography (which is my absolute favorite thing to do) to finding myself in a 3000 sq. ft. studio space to bring the highest quality product visuals to my commercial clients. Once the digital side of things took off about a year and a half ago I pretty much spend all my time in a 15x15 office staring at 2 monitors and coding my life away (which is my least favorite thing to do). My friend Sam has been doing amazing leather crafting for years and seeing how passionate he is about it sprung curiosity. So after about a year of going back and forth I finally made a few purchases to see if stepping away from my computer for a few hours a day to work with my hands would help me stay as mentally happy in my work life as possible. To say the least, I was right.

   So here I am, hoping to bring joy and high quality hand made leather goods to anyone willing to give me a chance.


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